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"Swaensborgh" - Sailing ship

A ship to fall in love with

The "Swansborogh" has twice been extended by five metres in the course of its more than one hundred year life. Today it impresses with a length of almost 50 metres. This offers enough space for a lot of freight, which she carried in her first period, or for about 80 guests, which the ship likes to take with her today. The "Swansborgh" impresses with her elegant lines on her territory in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Temporarily on the move as a coaster, the guests on the steel ship today like the traditional way of sailing and the luxurious equipment.

Bremerhaven knows the "Swansborgh" from several visits in the past.

Type: Schooner
Owner: Frisian Sailing Company BV, Lemmer
Home port: Kampen
Nation: Netherland
Length: 49,00 m
Width: 5,80 m
Draught: 2,30 m
Sail area: 535 m²
Crew: 4

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