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Sea rescue cruiser "Bremen" - Motor ship

The "Bremen" was a rescue cruiser of the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked (DGzRS).

The "Bremen" was a decommissioned distress cruiser of the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS), which today lies as a monument and museum ship in Bremen Vegesack. Its berth is in direct view of the Lürssen shipyard, where the ship was built in 1931 under the name "Konsul Kleyenstüber" as one of the largest motor rescue boats of its time. About thirty years later, the conversion to the very first rescue cruiser in the world also took place here. Absolute novelties at that time were the double-walled outer skin, which makes the ship practically unsinkable, the ability to self-right and the stern hull, on which a small daughter boat was carried. These are all standards on today's distress cruisers. The "Bremen" is thus regarded as a prototype for this type of construction. The ship was in its active time Germany far at the coasts of North Sea and Baltic Sea in the employment. It was stationed in Bremerhaven from November 1953 to March 1960. In 2013 the "Bremen" was placed under monumental protection due to its great importance in the history of shipping. Since 2014, Bremerhaven has been a regular guest again.

Type: Sea rescue cruiser / Monument and museum ship
Owner: Hafenmuseum Speicher XI in Bremen
Home port: Bremen-Vegesack
Nation: GER
Length: 17.5 m
Width: 4,5 m
Draught: max. 1.7 m
Crew: 4

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