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"Santa Maria Manuela" - Sailing ship

The four-master was built in 1937

The "Santa Maria Manuela" is a four mast bark which was built by the “Companhia União Fabril" in Lisbon in 1937. It was originally used for fishing, together with its sister ship “Creoula”.
In 2007, the company Pascoal & Filhos took over the "Santa Maria Manuela" and became owner. After countless modifications the ship is used for sailing trips with up to 50 guests since 2010.

Type: Four mast bark
Owner: Pascoal & Filhos, S.A. Portugal
Port of call: Viano do Castelo
Nation: Portugal
Length: 67,40 m
Width: 9,90 m
Draft: 5,20 m
Sail area: 1.244 m²
Crew: 75

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