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"Regina Maris" - Sailing ship

It was converted into a three-mast schooner in 1990

You don't see that every day, even in the imaginative world of figureheads: the queen of the sea holds a dog in her arms. So to be found at the "Regina Maris", a beautiful three-mast schooner from the Netherlands. The ship was built in 1908 as "Regina" completely in wood, and was active in North Sea fishing for the first decades. In 1990 the conversion of a Gdansk shipyard into a comfortable charter ship took place. The "all in one boat" principle is particularly popular with school classes, who have been using the boat as a sailing classroom for several years to train their social skills. After all, anyone who makes a cruise on board also has to get down to it.

The "Regina Maris" is a regular guest in Bremerhaven and at the SAIL Bremerhaven.

Type: Schooner
Owner: Traditonal Sailing Charter BV, Hamm
Home port: Amsterdam
Nation: Netherland
Length: 48,00 m
Width: 6,90 m
Draft: 2,80 m
Sail area: 600 m²
Crew: 3

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