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"Oosterschelde" - Sailing ship

A schooner with a loving tradition

Beautiful lines on the outside, a stylish interior on the inside. The "Oosterschelde" from the Netherlands is a beautiful topsail schooner, which fascinates ship lovers above all because of its loving and traditional deconstruction. Nostalgics would probably speak of the 1917 built ship of stylish restoration with great expertise.
Immediately after completion, the "Oosterschelde" sailed first on the North Sea and Baltic Sea and later in the Mediterranean along the African coast. Between 1930 and the end of the 1980s, the sailor was increasingly unrigged and converted into a motor freighter. In 1987 the former freighter was finally rediscovered by the Dutch BV shipping company "Oosterschelde". A foundation supported the dismantling of the schooner, which was possible with the help of museums, Dutch experts and a lot of effort. Since 1991, the "Oosterschelde" has again been on the move as a 3-mast topsail schooner. It is one of the most important floating cultural monuments in the Netherlands.

Type: 3-mast topsail schooner
Owner: BV Rederij 'Oosterschelde', Niederlande
Port of call: Rotterdam
Nation: NED
Length: 50,00 m
Width: 7,50 m
Draft: 3,00 m
Sail area: 890 m²
Crew: 32 

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