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"Oosterschelde" - Sailing ship

A schooner with a loving tradition

A beautiful design and stylish interior – that’s what makes this schooner special to every ship enthusiast. Refurbished in traditional ways, the "Oosterschelde" is definitely one of the best cultural monuments under sails and is made for worldwide trips. In the beginning the "Oosterschelde" was used as a freight ship in the Mediterranean Sea, sailing along the African coast. In 1930, the schooner was sold to Denmark and was named “Fuglen”. As “Sylvan” it was sailing under the Swedish flag in the Baltic Sea. After that, it was rediscovered by the Dutch BV-shipping-company. The “Het Rotterdamse Zeilschip” Foundation helped with the renaturization of the schooner. Museums and the best of Dutch experts took care of the hull, so that the "Oosterschelde" is able to sail since 1991. The three mast schooner is a monument for the Dutch naval architecture.

Type: Schooner
Owner: BV Rederij 'Oosterschelde', Niederlande
Port of call: Rotterdam
Nation: NED
Length: 50,00 m
Width: 7,50 m
Draft: 3,00 m
Sail area: 890 m²
Crew: 32 

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