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MV "Quarantäne" - Motor ship

A special service boat

The MV "Quarantäne" was used as a "floating ambulance" on the Weser river off Bremerhaven for more than forty years, but it never had to live up to its name. Although she transported the harbour doctor, she was never an isolation ward for sick seamen. The task of the port doctor on behalf of the Bremerhaven Port Health and Quarantine Office was to visit ships leaving the port that had not (yet) had any contact with land and to take action in the event of serious illnesses or accidents. Now in official retirement, the "Quarantäne" is now part of the fleet of active museum ships in the Schiffahrts Compagnie Bremerhaven. Up to 15 guests can sail with her comfortably on the Weser.

The "Quarantäne" is located all year round in the New Harbor of Bremerhaven.

Type: Launcher
Owner: Schiffahrts-Compagnie Bremerhaven e.V.
Home port: Bremerhaven
Nation: Germany
Length: 19,45 m
Width: 4,10 m
Draught: 1,57 m

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