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"Mien Wicht" - Sailing ship

A unique flat bottom ship

Flat-bottomed ships were typical watercraft in the Wadden Sea for a long time. Due to their special design, in which the beam keel has been dispensed with, they have a very shallow underwater hull and can easily dry out on the exposed seabed at low tide. Since flat bottoms were both transport ships and fishing vessels, this type of ship is extremely diverse. In most cases, the ships were built in ship lengths between ten and 30 metres. The "Mien Wicht", for which the name says it all, shows that it can also be much smaller. Its dimensions undoubtedly make it one of the tiny pieces of the SAIL Bremerhaven 2020. A real eye-catcher, however, is the lovingly cared for "little ship" that was already a guest in Bremerhaven.

Species: Flat bottom vessel, Grundel 665
Owner: Matthias Oliver Seidler
Home port: Drakenburg
Nation: GER
Length: 6,65 m
Width: 2,55 m
Draught: 0,55 m
Sail area: 20m²
Crew: 4

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