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"Loth Lorien" - Sailing ship

A three-mast schooner

Even if you take a close look at the Dutch three-masted barkentine "Loth Loriën" today, you probably wouldn't think that the pretty little sailor used to be a herring catcher. Built in Bergen, Norway, in 1907 as a logger, the ship was purchased in 1989 by a Dutch couple who had it converted first into a two-mast logger and later into a three-mast gaff top schooner. The ship is rented for sailing events and company events and was already a guest of SAIL Bremerhaven in the past.

Species: Three-mast barkentine
Owner: Anna and Jaap van der Rest
Home port: Amsterdam
Nation: NED
Length: 48,00 m
Width: 6,90 m
Draught: 3,10 m
Sail area: 500m²
Crew: 10

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