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"Jantje" - Sailing ship

The "Jantje" is a small but robust, seaworthy sailing ship with a traditional rigging.

Robust and seaworthy is the "Jantje", which caught a lot of cod as a fishing boat from its launch in Den Helder, Holland in 1930 until 1996. Her traditional rigging is impressive, giving her the appearance of a historic ship from the time of the great explorers. Equipped with yard sails, even real (deep-sea) sailors will get their money's worth. Since 1977 the "Jantje" - the old Frisian form of "Johanna" - has been sailing out to sea with charter guests. The schooner is suitable for all waters. During the summer months it sails around the Channel Islands and off the French coast, the rest of the year in the Dutch Wadden Sea and the Ijsselmeer.

The "Jantje" has also been a guest of the SAILBremerhaven 2015.

Type: Schooner
Owner: Sailing Jantje BV
Home port: Enkhuizen
Nation: Netherland
Length: 28,00 m
Width: 5,90 m
Draught: 2,40 m
Sail area: 280 m²
Crew: 2

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