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"Husky" - Sailing ship

Southerly 115, carries the construction number 50 of the shipyard Northshore from Great Britain.

The Southerly 115 with inside and outside steering position is at home in the high seas as well as in shallow waters (mud flats etc.) due to the hydraulic keel with variable draught from - 0.69 m to 2.10 m. The Southerly 115 is equipped with a hydraulic steering wheel and a steering wheel.

The original design of the Southerly 115 goes back to the Southerly 100, which was extended in the stern to make room for a large owner's cabin. The design was originally by Dick Carter, but was modified several times by Rob Humphreys during the long production period from 1983 to 2007. There are versions Mark 1 to Mark 3.

Type: Southerly 115
Owner: Joachim Wührmann
Home port: Beckumersiel
Nation: GER
Overall length: 12,00 m
Width: 3,62 m
Draught: 2,10 m
Sail area: 56,5 m²
Crew: 5

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