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„Hollandia“ - Motor ship

A small motorboat

The "Hollandia" was a management boat of the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company (KNSM), a shipping company founded in Amsterdam that existed from 1856 to 1981. KNSM was temporarily one of the top ten Dutch shipping companies and operated medium-sized cargo ships with limited passenger accommodation. In 1939 the company had 79 ships, 48 of which were lost in the Second World War. In 1981 the company was wound up by merger with Nedlloyd. The "Hollandia" is now privately owned. The small motorboat was completely restored with great attention to detail.

The "Hollandia" will be a guest at the SAIL 2020 in Bremerhaven for the first time.

Type: Motorboat
Owner: Dick and Lenie Bruins
Home port: Slikkerveer
Nation: NED
Length: 16,50 m
Width: 4,00 m
Draught: 1,30 m
Crew: 2

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