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"Grönland" - Sailing ship

In summer, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are the sailing grounds of the Nordic Hunt

The "Grönland" is one of the most impressive sailing ships in the world. The first German North Pole expedition to the Arctic sailed with the small one-master. To this day, no ship without a motor has ever penetrated so far north again. This career was not actually planned, because in 1867 the Nordic Hunt was built for fishing in Norway. But the German polar explorer Carl Koldewey searched for a suitable sailing ship for his privately financed Arctic expedition and found the "Grönland". In 1871 she was sold again to Norway, before she was found and bought there in 1973 by the German Maritime Museum. Today, around 30 volunteers take care of the sailing ship.

The "Grönland" belongs to the museum fleet of the German Maritime Museum.

Species: Nordic hunting
Owner: German Maritime Museum
Home port: Bremerhaven
Nation: Germany
Length: 29,30 m
Width: 6,06 m
Draught: 2,40 m
Sail area: 300 m²
Crew: 12

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