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"Gloria" - Sailing ship

Sailing school ship for the Colombian Navy

With the three-mast barque "Gloria" a particularly beautiful ship with a very spirited crew comes to Bremerhaven. For many visitors of the opening parade of the SAIL 2015 the arrival of the magnificent South American sailor should have remained unforgettable. The 76 metre long windjammer, which serves as a training and flagship for the Colombian Navy, sailed up the river Weser under full flag and with cadets dressed in Colombia's national colours on the yards. By the way, the crack of the ship is strikingly similar to that of the German sailing training ship "Gorch Fock" from the 1930s, which is now a museum ship in Stralsund (Germany). The "Gloria" is the first and smallest of four sailing ships built for the Latin American navies in Bilbao, northern Spain. The other three ships "Guayas" (Ecuador), "Simon Bolivar" (Venezuela) and "Cuauhtémoc" (Mexico) were already represented at maritime festivals in Bremerhaven.
The "Gloria" will be a guest at SAIL Bremerhaven 2020 for the third time.

Type: Bark
Owner: Colombian Navy
Home port: Cartagena
Nation: COL
overall length: 76,00 m
width: 10,60 m
Draught: 4,50 m
Sail area: 1694 m²
Crew: 145

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