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"Franzius" - Sailing ship

Reproduction of a Weser barge

The Weserkahn was built at the Vegesack shipyard in Bremen in the style of those cargo sailors who distributed merchandise over centuries in the many small ports of the Weser region as far as Bremen. These barges secured Bremen's position as a port city for a long time. When Bremen's overseas port was completed in 1888, however, the barges were unemployed and disappeared from the everyday picture of the Unterweser river region. Today the original is no longer available.

Like its historical models, the "Franzius" replica is characterised by three characteristic features: On the one hand, the shallow bottom and the shallow draught, both of which allow trips into shallow waters. On the other hand, it is the leeboards that prevent drifting and stabilise the course at the same time.

As in earlier times, the estuaries of the rivers Weser and Elbe with the offshore Wadden Sea and its islands are the home territory of the "Franzius, but the Weser barge is also on its way in the Baltic Sea.

Type: Weserkahn
Owner: Bremer Weserkahn "Franzius" e.V.
Home Port: Bremen
Nation: GER
Length: 23,22 m
Width: 6,36 m
Draft: 1,30 m
Sail area: 273 m²
Crew: 6

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