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"Fahrewohl von Büsum" - Sailing ship

The "Fahrewohl von Büsum" is the oldest crab cutter in Büsum that is still able to drive.

The ship was built in 1912 at the Junge-Werft in Wewelsfleth on the Elbe and had its home port in Büsum until 1921. At first, the cutter only drove with sailing power and even won a regatta in 1914. One year later she was equipped with an engine. The "Fahrewohl" was used after 1926 in Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog, Cuxhaven and Friedrichskoog. In the years 1943 to 1945 it served in the French Dunkirk, in order to fish shot down airplane pilots from the English channel. In the post-war years until 1976 it continued to operate as a cutter. She was purchased by the Museumshafenverein in Hamburg at the end of 2007 and transferred to Büsum in 2008.

The small museum ship has been a guest at SAIL Bremerhaven in the past.

Type: Gaff cutter
Owner: Museumshafen Büsum e. V.
Home port: Büsum
Nation: GER
Length: 15,12 m
Width: 3,50 m
Draught: 1,25 m
Sail area: 74
Crew: 4

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