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"Earl of Pembroke" - Sailing ship

A dreamlike barque of the 18th century

The "Earl of Pembroke" was originally built under the name "Orion" in Pukavik/Sweden as one of the last 3-masted schooners and transported timber across the Baltic Sea and along the English east coast. In 1974 it was taken out of service in Thisted/Denmark and in 1979 it was acquired by Square Sail Ltd. who had the ship completely overhauled in 1985. 1994 commissioned as 18th century barque.

Type: Bark
Home port: London
Owner: Scarlet Sails Ltd.
Nation: GP
Overall length: 44,00 m
Width: 8,40 m
Draught: 3,48 m
Sail area: 910 m²
Crew: 14

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