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"Christian Radich" - Sailing ship

Sailing ship with moving history

It was the intention of the Norwegian entrepreneur Christian Radich to make himself immortal when he donated over 90,000 crowns for the construction of a training ship in 1889. In fact, the generous patron no longer experienced the launch of the full steel ship named after him: it took place in February 1937. Since then, young trainees have been trained as seafarers on the Christian Radich. The first transatlantic crossing to New York took place in 1939. Whether the appearance in the TV series "The Onedin Line" made the ship immortal is questionable. What is certain, however, is that thanks to its majestic appearance, the ship receives a great deal of attention in every port.

Type: Full ship
Owner: Stiftelsen Skoleskipet, Oslo
Home port: Oslo
Nation: Norway
Length: 73,00 m
Width: 9,70 m
Draught: 4,90 m
Sail area: 1,360 m²
Crew: 20

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