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"Capitán Miranda" - Sailing ship

A three-mast schooner of the Uruguayan Navy

The "Capitán Miranda" was originally a motor ship. The Uruguayan Navy had it built in 1930 as a hydrographic research vessel and then used it for more than four decades to survey river, lake and sea floors. In the mid-1970s, the "Miranda" narrowly escaped decommissioning. However, it was converted into a three-mast schooner and put back into service in 1978. Today she serves the Uruguayan Navy as a training ship and has already been a guest in Bremerhaven several times during the SAIL Bremerhaven. Among other things 1990 and to the Expo-SAIL in the year 2000.  

Type: schooner
Owner: Uruguayan Navy
Home port: Montevideo
Nation: URU
Length: 62,00 m
Width: 8,40 m
Draught: 3,60 m
Sail area: 722 m²
Crew: 77

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