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"Brigant" - Sailing yacht

A special sailing ship

The 6,5 KR-Cruiser „Brigant“ was built in 1957 as a “on duty sailingboat” for the German Navy from Karl Vertens in Winning/Schlei. It was used by the German Navy as a training boat in Flensburg for many years. In 1980 it was moved by the “yachting aid group” from the Navy to Großenbode and later on to Eckernförde. After the German Navy had no use for these types of vessels anymore, former crewmembers and Navy personnel decided to found a own association to continue sailing on the “Brigant”. The German Navy was still owner of the “Brigant”, so after the association dissolved in 2015 it was again in their possession. Today’s owner purchased the “Brigant” by an open competitive bidding. They are now busy to restore the boat.

Type: 6,5 KR Kreuzer, Sloop getakelt
Owner: Eignergemeinschaft "Brigant", Christian Vietor & Helmut Fischer
Homeport: Bremerhaven
Total length: 10,58 m
Width: 2,68 m
Draft: 1,62 m
Sail area: 66m²
Crew: 2

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