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"Atlantis" - Sailing ship

Stylish barkentine for cruises in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

Classical lines at the bow and elegant lines inside characterize the three-mast barkentine "Atlantis". Today a comfortable passenger sailor of the luxury class, the ship defied wind and weather in its original task as a lightship over 70 years in the Elbe. In 1905 the barque was built in Hamburg, shut down and converted into a three-master in 1984. Where the imposing fire tower used to have its place, an ambience of exquisite woods and dignified maritime elegance was created. Deck chairs on the sun deck, a cocktail bar and a noble salon convince. In 2005 the ship was again modernized by the current owner. What has remained is a reliable ship that has already travelled the world's oceans.

Type: Barkentine
Owner: Tallship Artemis b.v.
Home port: Hoorn
Nation: NED
Length: 57,00 m
Width: 7,45 m
Draught: 4,70 m
Sail area: 742 m²
Crew: 14

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