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"Alexander von Humboldt II" - Sailing ship

Flagship of the SAIL Bremerhaven 2020

This ship has one - no, even two - messages. The first: Since May 2018, the "Alexander von Humboldt II" has carried the SAIL logo on one of her green sails as ambassador of the "International Festival of Windjammers" across the seas. In every port of her worldwide trips she invites to participate in the SAIL Bremerhaven 2020. As her flagship, known worldwide for the unusual colouring of her canvas and her home port Bremerhaven, this is an ideal task for the "green lady".

The "Alex II" is also an ambassador for her own cause. She wants to inspire for sailing on a mainsailer. Anyone who has ever glided through the waves on this civilian sailing training ship under the German flag, experienced the active life on board as a trainee and dealt with the history of the environmentally friendly ship sailing under sail will take unforgettable days with them into their own life on land. This can be experienced on board the SAIL Bremerhaven 2020 in just a few hours.

Type of ship: Bark
Owner: German Foundation Sail Training (DSST), Bremerhaven
Home port: Bremerhaven
Nation: Germanyl
Length: 65,05 m
Width: 10,00 m
Draught: 5,10 m

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