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"Albert Johannes" - Sailing ship

A proud three-masted gaff schooner

This schooner, which we know today as the three-master "Albert Johannes", shows what can happen to a ship in a few years.  But that's only how it's been called since 1983. When it was built in 1928 at a Dutch shipyard it was called "Magda" and had only two masts. During numerous changes of ownership the ship changed its name to "Horn", "Amalie Stüver" or "Eiland". The schooner got its present appearance in 2011. Used as a cargo schooner for many years, the proud ship today takes paying passengers across the seas.
In Bremerhaven, the "Albert Johannes" is a frequently seen guest.

Species: Three mast gaff schooner
Owner: Steffen Schwarze
Home port: Vlieland
Nation: NL
Overall length: 46,00 m
Width: 5,90 m
Draught: 1,55 m
Sail area: 500 m²
Crew: 2 - 4

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