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"Vegesack BV2" - Sailing ship

The sail logger "Vegesack" was baptized in Bremen-Vegesack

Sail Bremerhaven is usually known for the traditional ships and naval reviews. The VEGESACK, with its fishery labeling BV 2 (homeport Bremen-Vegesack), was put into service on 29th April, 1895. It was one of five herring-cutters, which was commissioned by the Bremer Vegesacker fishing company.
It was used like that until 1921, with a crew out of 14 seamen, usually found in the North Sea. A trip usually took up to 6 weeks. In its 26 years of duty, it delivered 22.604 boxes of herrings. In 1921 the VEGESACK was taken out of service.
With a hot-bulb engine of 36 PS, it was now used as a freighter in the Baltic- and North Sea. In 1939 it was sold to Sweden and survived the war. Long after that, in 1979, the hull of the ship was rediscovered. As “Nostra” it was back in the water since 1980 and was mostly used for teenager-cruises. The Association Maritime Tradition Vegesack acquired the ship in 1989 and brought it back in its original homeport.

Type: Segellogger
Owner: Vegesack Logger BV 2 GmbH, Bremen
Port of call: Bremen
Nation: GER
Length: 35,40 m
Width: 5,40 m
Draft: 2,50 m
Sail area: 360 m²
Crew: 13

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