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"Ubena von Bremen" - Sailing ship

The "Ubena of Bremen" was a medieval cargo ship

Nobody knew that while dredging in the Weser in 1962 the corner stone for the German Naval Museum in Bremerhaven was found. On the bottom of the Weser they found a well preserved hull of a cargo ship. The museum was established in 1975, but the more than 2000 pieces of the secured cog had been on the line years before in humid containers, to be researched and put together.

It has been a long lasting research-puzzle which took a lot of patience, expertise and money to figure out the history of the hanseatic cog. There was nothing more than imprecise visual templates which could lead to shape, size and specific design of the boat. While putting together the cog from 1380, an archive of construction drawings was set up. Obviously there was the thought of putting a faithful replica together. This happened in Bremerhaven and Kiel almost simultaneously. While the people of Kiel worked after the guidelines of the museum, the people of Bremerhaven had to do some compromises in case of the usability for the tourists.
Meanwhile both cogs are sailing since years with a lot of success and did a lot of trips. In particular the cog built in Bremerhaven is internationally active and has built a lot of friendships.

In three years the cog was built in the Neuer Hafen in Bremerhaven in a job creation scheme in a traditional dockyard – all done with old handicraft. For example, over 800 iron nails were forged. More than 80 tons of oak wood were used to build the hull.

Type: Hansekogge
Owner: Hanse-Koggewerfte e.V., Bremerhaven
Port of call: Bremerhaven
Nation: GER
Length: 23,23 m
Width: 6,46 m
Draft: 2,25 m
Sail area: 200 m²
Crew: 6

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