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"Theepot" - Sailing ship

Belongs to the round and flat bottom ships

The Lemster Aak „Theepot“ was built in the Netherlands around the 1920s. The riveted, steel hull was altered in the Boomsma-shipyard in Sneek, province Friesland, where it got its final look.
Lemster Aaken is one of the round- and flatboats; the characteristic leeboards help as a drift correction, simply because these kind of boats don’t have a keel.
Furthermore the Lemster Aaken are perfect for shallow waters, especially mudflats. In addition you don’t have to worry when the tide goes out – you can simply fall dry. Boats of this type were a usual sight at the “Zuiderzee” in the Netherlands. For decades, these boat types were used for successful Anchovy- and Herring-Fishery. As a member of the Schiffergilde Bremerhaven, the owner couple of the “Theepot”, is sailing through April and October in the North- and Baltic Sea under the rules of traditional seamanship. In case you want to explore the adjacent inland waters and river courses – simply put the mast down.
The “Theepot” has already made trips around the Netherlands, up to Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

Type: Lemster Aak
Owner: Dieter von Häfen
Port of call: Bremerahven
Nation: GER
Length: 10,50 m
Width: 3,55 m
Draft: 0,90 m
Sail area: 64 m²
Crew: 2

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