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"Heinrich" - Sailing ship

Former load sailer

The Besanewer HEINRICH was built in 1910 as „Anna“ in Sietas, Neuenfelde. It was used as a cargo ship, mostly in the Elbe area and the Wadden Sea. In 1927 a 25 PS hot-bulb engine was added and the wooden tiller replaced with a steering wheel. Under the name “Heinz” it was decommissioned in 1971.
From 1982-1986 the ship was refurbished from Gudrun and Fritz-Eckard Schleif, mostly in personal contribution. Help came from friends and experts. Some equipment was present, but a lot of work was needed to be done: the hull was shortened to 18 meters, hatches, leeboards and the rigging was reconstructed. In addition, a slow running diesel engine was assembled. The Ewer was put in the register for cultural monuments for Lower Saxony in 1992. Since 1986 the Ewer was renamed to its original name HEINRICH and is sailing in the Elbe area, Wadden Seas and North Sea.
Until 2009 the ship was in private ownership. The berth was in Lühe, Altes Land. After that, the HEINRICH was transferred to the “Wilhelmine von Stade” e.V., which is now the owner.

Type: Besanewer
Owner: Wilhelmine von Stade e.V.
Port of call: Grünendeich
Nation: GER
Length: 25,00 m
Width: 4,60 m
Draft: 1,40 m
Sail area: 195 m²
Crew: 10 

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