lütte Sail Bremerhaven 2022

Big happenings in August 2022

This is what people can look forward to. As a small maritime harbor festival, the "lütte Sail Bremerhaven" will enrich Bremerhaven's annual event calendar from 17th to 21st August 2022 in August. Numerous ships from near and far will line the quays and invite you to visit them. Musical highlights and a varied supporting program will fascinate young and old. The flagship of the lütte Sail Bremerhaven 2022 will be the "Alexander von Humboldt II", the striking three-master with the green sails.

Welcome to Seaside City of Bremerhaven! Welcome to "lütte Sail Bremerhaven 2022"!

Cancellation Lütte Sail 2021

Windjammers, tall ships and traditional vessels; musicians, cabaret artists and stage life; fish sandwiches, ice cream and sparkling water - our maritime city will celebrate again this summer. This time, however, it will be lighter than usual and under a different name, because Bremerhaven's "Maritime Days" in August 2021 will take place under special conditions. If you want to find out more about the ships, the program and the formalities, take a look at www.bremerhaven.de/MaritimeTage. This is the end for now!

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