Bow of a sailing ship, port basin and ships and houses along the basin

"Earl of Pembroke" - Sailing ship

A dreamlike barque of the 18th century

The English three-master "Earl of Pembroke" is regarded as a quick-change artist who has even been able to convince in Hollywood productions. Its original task is completely unspectacular: built in 1945 as "Orion" in Sweden, the ship first transported lumber across the Baltic Sea and along the English east coast. In 1980 the three-mast schooner came into English private ownership and was extensively restored. The rigging changed type and the schooner became a barque. The model for this was the famous bark "Endeavour", with which English explorer James Cook started Australia in 1770, and which was still called the "Earl of Pembroke" at its baptism. During the restoration, the new owner took the requirements of film productions into account, with success. The "Earl of Pembroke" can now be seen in more than 20 films, including some Hollywood movies. Anyone who visits the barque today will quickly follow in the footsteps of Tom Hanks or Halle Berry, who shot an "Alice in Wonderland" film there.

Type: Bark
Home port: London
Owner: Scarlet Sails Ltd.
Nation: GP
Length: 44,00 m
Width: 8,40 m
Draught: 3,48 m
Sail area: 910 m²
Crew: 14

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