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Port-based logistics on a global scale

Founded in 1877, the Bremer Lagerhaus-Gesellschaft in 1998 became the BLG LOGISTICS GROUP with numerous engagements in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. In 100 offices worldwide around 16,000 workers are employed for BLG, its subsidiaries and affiliates. BLG is specialized in the business areas automotive, contract and container logistics. Its customer portfolio includes leading companies and international enterprises, the automotive and automotive supplier industry, the electrical and electronics industry, consumer goods, furniture and many shipping companies.

Automobile hub Bremerhaven

Each year over 2 million vehicles are handled in Bremerhaven. Bremerhaven is one of the largest ports for car transport in the world. Overall the BLG Automobile division handles around 6.5 million vehicles per year. Thus, BLG is a leading automotive logistics in Europe. The transport of vehicles is done via water, roads and railways. To the network belong car terminals at the sea, inland and on major rivers. Bremerhaven is the largest site in the BLG Automobile division. In the past year at the technical center of the car terminal, nearly 500,000 vehicles were de-conserved, washed and inspected. Other services include the installation of special equipment, such as navigation systems, glass roofs and DVD systems. Also special paint finishes and upgrades to special editions are part of the daily business.

Jackets, pontoons, installer ships and tripods in Bremerhaven

The offshore facilities in Bremerhaven are often experiencing peak periods. Next to the installation vessel FRIEDRICH ERNESTINE are standing four-legged foundation structures, called jackets, on a pontoon ready for shipment to a wind farm in the North Sea. The ship is a jack-up vessel, which can rise over the water surface on long stilts, so that even in rough seas a quiet operation is possible on board. Also deliveries of the 900-ton, 65-meter high tripods for another wind farm in the North Sea are constantly run. They are taken by the special pontoon OFFSHORE BHV I from the manufacturer WeserWind in the fishing port to the BLG terminal in the seaport. There they will be stored until they are loaded onto the installer ships.

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