Offshore wind power: a cornerstone of the energy transition

AREVA Wind manufactures wind turbines for offshore projects. The company develops and manufactures the 5 MW offshore turbine M5000 in Bremerhaven, a location that offers best conditions for installation, service and maintenance of the facilities at open sea.

A staff with decades of industry experience focuses on the development and continuous improvement of reliable and efficient technology.

The M5000 is the world's first turbine developed exclusively for large offshore wind parks. As a result of consistent development work on this turbine, complex technical solutions have been developed, that set new standards and are optimally adapted to the requirements of offshore operation.

The company AREVA Wind has worked since its inception in 2000 in the development and production of the offshore wind energy plant AREVA Wind M5000. A team of highly qualified specialists for all key system components continuously works with suppliers in the development of AREVA Wind Technology.

The maritime environment in Bremerhaven supports the consistent orientation of the system technology to the offshore industry with extensive expertise in transport and installation on the high seas.

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