"Lottjen", the "lucky one", connects the two tourist areas Harbor Worlds (Havenwelten) and Shop Window Fishery Harbor across the river Weser. There is room for around 20 passengers on board the original Heligoland "Börteboat". With its offer, the sponsoring association would like to give the guests an understanding of the history and the associated construction of the boats as well as the nautical tradition of the Börte.

Heligoland tradition in Bremerhaven

"Lottjen" belongs to an association that was founded in March of this year. The goal of the currently 12 members from Bremerhaven and the surrounding area, Hanover, Heidelberg and Helgoland is to contribute with the water cab to the preservation of local history through the preservation and use of Helgoland Börte boats. Lottjen was built in 1965 from oak using traditional craftsmanship and has been carefully renovated by club members over the past three years. The boat was also part of the delegation of a fleet of Börteboats that sailed all the way to the Reichstag in Berlin last year to seek inclusion in UNESCO's list of intangible cultural assets. Meanwhile, Börteboote are recognized as German cultural heritage.

Type: Helgoland Börteboat
Owner: Association "Lottjen
Home port: Bremerhaven
Length overall: 10,00 m
Width: 3,00 m
Draught: 0,85 m

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