A list of questions and answers about the Maritime Days in Bremerhaven

What needs to be considered when visiting the Maritime Days from August 11 to 15, 2021 in Bremerhaven? Despite the current restrictions, there is a lot on offer. But for which Experience-Islands must one have a free ticket? Can one change between the Experience-Islands? Is there catering on every Experience-Island? We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not included, please feel free to contact us. Service & Contact

To enter the Experience Islands, you must have officially recognized proof of:
*Vaccinated (Vaccination card or Corona app).
*Tested (Official test from a Corona testing center).

In addition, logging in via Luca app is mandatory. Alternatively, it is possible to fill out the contact form on site.

Our staff: inside will give you a wristband so that you only have to show proof of access authorization once at an Experience-Island.

To listen to the evening music program on the "Sand Bank" and in the "Music Wharf", you will need a free ticket. This is free of charge and can be booked from August 4, 3 p.m. under Ticket booking

Yes. We use the Luca app in all Experience-Islands for contact tracking. Alternatively, a contact sheet is filled out on site.
Data protection is granted: The Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH as organizer has at no time view in personal information. The data is transmitted to the health department in encrypted form.

The tickets are required for access to the two Experience-Islands "Sand Bank" (Weser beach bath) and for the evening concerts from 5.30 p.m. in the "Music Shipyard" (Lloyd Dock). These tickets are free of charge and can be booked from August 4, 3 p.m. at Ticket booking . All other Experience-Islands allow the visit via Luca app. Admission to all experience islands is only possible with a proof of Convalescent, Vaccinated, Tested.

A booked, complimentary ticket is required for ages six and up.

Tickets for the "Sand Bank" and the "Music Shipyard" starting at 5.30 p.m. each day can be booked at Ticket booking rom 3 p.m. on August 4th.

Four tickets can be booked per person. The full name and a cell phone number for contact tracking must be provided.

The sale runs via the ticket platform Ticket2GO www.bremerhaven.de/TicketMaritimeTage

To buy a ticket, you need a user account at Ticket2Go. The user account must be created in advance at


For all questions concerning ticketing, the support is available under the phone number  +49 (0) 441 5597867-0. - This hotline is also displayed on the Ticket2Go website.

Buy tickets/no confirmation received:
It can take up to 30 minutes for a confirmation to arrive by email.

Please also check your spam folder. The purchased tickets, if the shipping option was not chosen, are also in the user account for download under "MY TICKETS".

Contact, if you have not received any tickets, under the above mentioned hotline or under:  info@ticket2go.de.

*"Sand Bank": Wed./ Sat./ Sun. from 5.30 - 11 pm (free ticket booking required).
*"Music Shipyard": daily from 11 am - 10 pm (free ticket booking necessary from 5.30 pm)
*"Open air galley": daily from 11 am - 10pm
*"Harbor pub": Wed. - Sat. from 11 am - 1 am and Sun. from 11 am- 10 pm
*"Buccaneer Island": daily from 11:00 - 22:00 hrs
*"Wine Deck": Wed. - Sat. from 11 am - 1 am and Sun. from 11 am - 10 pm

*"Sand Bank": 1,000 people (free ticket booking required).
*"Music Shipyard": 1.000 persons (free ticket booking necessary from 17:30)
*"Outdoor galley": 1.000 persons
*"Harbor pub": 1.000 persons
*"Buccaneer Island": 700 persons
*"Wine Deck": 350 persons

The entrance to all adventure islands is only possible with a proof of Recovered, Vaccinated, Tested. The Luca app is also required for contact tracking, alternatively a contact sheet will be completed on site.
Official Corona Test Center: www.bremerhaven.de/corona-testzentren


Yes, there will be restrooms in each Experience-Island.

Dogs are prohibited by the police in the adventure islands. According to §4 local law on public order in the city of Bremerhaven, there is a clear ban on dogs at events. In the public space dogs can be carried.

No, there is no mask obligation in the Experience-Iislands. However, we recommend that you carry a mask with you. If the distance regulations cannot be observed, you should wear a mask.

No, the organizer has decided that children up to six years old are not counted. Older children, like all others, must provide proof of Recovery, Tested, Vaccinated. In addition, they will be recorded in the LUCA app or by registration form.

Please go into self-isolation immediately and inform the Bremerhaven Health Department at  corona@magistrat.bremerhaven.de or  0049 471 590 2281 about the test result. Please also enter your positive test result into the LUCA app.

Alcoholic beverages are available at each adventure island. No alcohol is served at the show booths outside the Experience-Islands.

You may move freely in the Harbor Worlds Bremerhaven. Only the access to adventure islands is regulated: Only vaccinated, tested, convalescents (each with proof) are allowed to stay here. The Luca app or a registration sheet is also used for tracking purposes.

A central supply point is located below the Conference Center (ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL City)

These are each signposted in the Experience-Islands.

Of course you can change the experience islands during your visit of the Maritime Days. Once you have proven that you are vaccinated, recovered or officially tested, show your admission wristband, which was given to you in advance, when you enter the next adventure island.

The admissions staff on site can provide you with information.

Special offers are associated with the Experience-Islands. For example, the "Freibeuter-Insel" (buccaneer island) features a medieval market, while the "Freiluft Kombüse" (open-air galley) offers street food. The "Wine Deck" is the chill area with piano music and on the "Sand Bank" the Soul Food Night awaits you. The "Haven-Kneipe" (Harbor pub) invites you with numerous seating areas and with hearty dishes to linger, the "Musik-Werft" (Music Shipyard) offers a varied music experience.

Yes, but barbecue is prohibited.

Yes, the test capacities of the test center in the Harbor Worlds (parking lot in front of the Zoo at the Sea) have been greatly increased. In addition, the official test centers in the city center are available: www.bremerhaven.de/corona-testzentren

Only the two green bascule bridges at the H.-H.-Meier-Straße will be opened and not the glass bridge.

- Tuesday, 10.08.2021, at 3 pm (approx. 40 units of the Landesverband Motorbootsport Niedersachsen)
- Wednesday, 11.08.2021, at 5 pm 
- Sunday, 15.08.2021, at 9 a.m.
- Monday, 16.08.2021, at 12 pm (approx. 40 units of the Landesverband Motorbootsport Niedersachsen)
- Wednesday, 18.08.2021, at 2.30 pm

An extra page has been created for directions. Link to: https://www.bremerhaven.de/de/veranstaltungen/maritime-tage-2021/anfahrt.115799.html 

Parking lot in front of the Zoo am Meer: 07. - 17.08.2021 = closed
Gravel parking lot DSM: 08. - 16.08.2021 = closed

No. You book your personal ticket for the "Music Shipyard" (necessary from 5.30 p.m.) and "Sand Bank" by giving your name and cell phone number. In the Experience-Islands without ticket access, you will receive an admission wristband that cannot be passed on.

You will please provide your name and cell phone number for contact tracking.

The area outside the event islands is public traffic space and is not part of the event area. The police will patrol the area outside the islands and in case of conspicuousness will demand or enforce compliance with the hygiene measures according to the development of the incidences. In addition, the police counts on the insight of the visitors and the observance of the applicable Corona measures.  

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Do not enter the event site if you have symptoms of Covid 19 disease. 
We strongly advise against attending the event with symptoms of a cold. This will also protect others from infection.

Also a nice idea, but the magistrate of the seaside city of Bremerhaven, after the Bremen Senate gave the green light for the Maritime Days on June 22, decided for this event for the Bremerhavener:innen and their guests.

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