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Help Topics


On this page you will get information about several help topics.
If however you are either missing a topic on this page nor could this page offer any help to your concern, we would be pleased to get a message from you.

Hot Keys

A hot key is a combination of two or more keys, e. g. the "ALT" key, a function key (F1, F2, ...) and additionally the key "I".
Such a hot key will then execute an action assigned to it.

The browsers of the several manufacturers support the accessibility of these hot keys in a different way.
Predominantly the user only has to press a function key together with the proper hot key - sometimes however several function keys have to be combined before the hot key can be effectively used,

Here you can see the function key combinations for some popular browser manufacturers:
 Browser / Manufacturer
 Function Key Combination
 Microsoft Internet Explorer
 "ALT" key (left)
 Mozilla Firefox  "ALT" key (left) + "SHIFT" key
 "SHIFT" key + "ESC" key
 Safari  "STRG/CTRL" key

Overview about the supported hot keys on our sites:

 Description: Hot Key:
 direct link to the page content
 [function key(s)] + "I" key
 direct link to the main navigation
 [function key(s)] + "M" key
 direct link to the search page
 [function key(s)] + "S" key
 direct link to the help topics
 [function key(s)] + "H" key

Page scalability

We are consciously not using integrated solutions for scaling the font size of the pages like "+" und "-" buttons.

To zoom into a page or out of it simply use the scalability functions which is already integrated in common browsers.

On the one hand, modern browsers do not only scale only the font size but the whole page - on the other hand, such integrated functions are normally directly available via hot key.

In common browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Operayou can scale your pages with the hot key e. g.:

"STRG/CTRL" key & "+" key or accordingly "-" key

The email addresses on our sites are presented slightly falsified through the replacement of the „@" sign into the charcter string  „ at " as well as additional encoding in the source code.

This turns out to be an appropriate method of protection against so called automated crawlers, which search the source code of websites for email addresses, using them for spam mailings afterwards.

By encoding the email addresses on our sites, the crawlers cannot find the assumed email address patterns anymore - the raise of spam emails is at least prevented at this point.

By linking all email addresses within a so called "mailto" reference automatically to te global contact form, the full functionallity is guaranteed though.

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